Why Spread LGBT Hatred?

The fight is not over. We LGBTs all around the world, especially in the Philippines, definitely still needs an Anti-Discrimination Bill that will protect our rights. It is not enough that there is tolerance. It is not our “utang na loob” if you just tolerate our existence. It’s like being blind without really knowing why we are doing this.

Ang Ladlad partylist was denied to run as such because of immorality. The Commission on Elections allowed plunderers, corrupt individuals and liars to run.  Now where is justice there? Where is democracy? Why not let the people decide?

Even Jesus does not discriminate.

Below is a repost from a fellow LGBT advocate, Anne Lim of Galang:


As we were savoring the last few hours of the work-free holiday season (in typical NGO fashion, i tuned out of work mode after december 19th as best as i could), lala and i saw this poster (see photos) in at least 2 street posts in katipunan avenue corner santolan. this poster was definitely a rude welcome to 2010. nothing jerks one from vacation mode as quickly as a poster that has the words “lesbian”, “gay”, “satan”, and “hell” all in one sentence and all within a stone’s throw away from the house i grew up in. like the haters during the pride march, this poster must energize us and remind us that we have our work cut out for us in the months to come. bigotry and religious fundamentalisms were alive and kicking even during the season of giving. to fellow believers in and advocates of human rights, let us stay focused and relentless in working for LGBT rights. the haters are getting bolder and ever closer to home.


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