Who are the Gay Icons in Your Neighborhood?

Nahh, I won’t discuss who’s gay or not.

Gay icons are someone that gays look up to, whether they are really gay or not. Here are some individuals that are considered to be as gay icons here in the Philippines:

Ricky Reyes

Ricky Reyes – Icon for the “parloristang” bakla

He is the most successful gay who strived to make his salon chain successful. Before the F Salons, Index and the others, the most evident ones were Ricky Reyes’ salons. He also founded the Ricky Reyes Learning Institute wherein people who aspire to become a professional hairdresser can be formally educated. During the 90’s (and I believe until now), he has a television show called “Beauty School Plus” wherein the television viewers can learn how to put on make up and cut someone else’s hair.

danton remoto

Danton Remoto: Icon for the Political Gays

* photo from dantonremoto2010.blogspot.com

An Ateneo professor and writer, Danton Remoto aims to become the first openly gay politician. Danton heads the LGBT political group “Ang Ladlad” which was at first denied to be recognized as a party list representative for the LGBTs in the upcoming 2010 National Elections. As of this moment, the Supreme Court has given the go signal to let “Ang Ladlad” run a party list group.


Boy Abunda – Icon for the Tsismosang Bakla

Boy Abunda is also an artist manager aside from being the host of the popular Showbiz oriented show, The Buzz. I guess he’s one of the respected hosts and interviewers in this country. I can’t really say that he’s perfectly balanced in all that he does but I am sure that he’s one hell of an intelligent interviewer.

I know there are a lot but I guess I’ll keep this shortlisted first. If you have any gay in mind that you feel is respected in Philippine society, then please suggest it below. 🙂

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