Where to Find Lezzies in the City of Manila

Here’s a blogpost I wrote for Lezzy in the City:

Most of lesbian new-found friends would ask me “Where can I find lesbians in Manila?” . I know that it’s been a struggle for some lesbians to find for some lesbian love in the city that is why I decided to make this topic as my first blog post. Since I am based here in Manila, I would only be able to give you suggestions around Metro Manila so here goes:

  • Coffee Shops – This is a place where lesbians (and gays flock) during the day most especially in the late afternoon until evening. Some common places infested with lesbians are Starbucks Gateway (also called gayway by some), Starbucks Glorietta 4 and Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Gateway. I’ve always wondered why probably since coffee shops are already everywhere and the most convenient place to meet up and talk are those places. Well I have a theory in mind: probably the reason why lesbians hang out most of the time in coffee shops is because lesbians like to talk and get to know the woman they’re with more. There is a theory that biological females get attracted most if the other person target their emotions rather than trying to get them to bed. Well, in some cases probably is to at least talk to them a bit before getting laid. It’s just my theory, you can dispute it 🙂
  • In addition, I learned from my butch friend before about the lesbian term ‘kape’ came from the flocking of lesbians in coffee shops. Kape, the Filipino term for coffee is used as a verb which means to pursue romantically or lustfully. An example of a sentence would be – “Gusto kong pumunta sa Starbucks Gateway para mangape”. The term ‘kape’ is the counterpart of the gay lingo ‘karir’. I know that there are already variations of the ‘kape’ term, I just forgot. If you know some new terms, feel free to share it here!
  • Call Center Offices/Buildings – Try to visit some of the buildings were there are call centers and you will definitely see a lesbian there. Actually, a lot of LGBTs work in call centers. I used to work in a call center and the environment is really different compared to a regular office. This is because in call centers, gender isn’t really important compared to the “traditional” type of office jobs wherein gender and appearance of an applicant are issues.
  • Chatrooms – I’ll also tackle places in the cyberworld where you can see lesbians. The most common and probably Jurassic would be chatrooms. Lezpinay is a chatroom in MIRC, which I believe still exists, where lesbians usually chat. Decent conversations that do not only end with exchange of Friendster email addresses are rare there. Luckily, I was able to have some decent conversations there when I used to chat there. I just realized that a lot of emo butches and femmes frequent there. Try avoiding people who spell “po” with “poh” and interchange letter caps such as ThIs. Hay, kids these days. But, I am not discouraging you to lurk there. Hehe. There is also Lesbian Pilipinas, a simple lesbian social networking website which only focuses on lesbians in the Philippines. Of course, there is still Downelink, an LGBT social networking website but this is more of a global scale.
  • Exclusive Lesbian Parties – These are parties organized by different lesbian clans. Maybe you’ll ask where do you get to know these clans? Well, they organize themselves at social networking websites such as Friendster, Facebook, Multiply and many more. If you wanna know where the latest lesbian parties are, just add those groups in your social media accounts. These parties by the way are held at different bars around the metro, usually in Quezon City or Malate. If you are able to attend one of the parties, you’ll be part of their SMS list so whenever there’s a party, they’ll bug you days before the event. Now, what to expect in exclusives? Well, it really depends on the organizer. Sometimes there are strippers hired (not all of them go all the way, most of them just do sexy dances) and games but the bulk are really just drinking and socializing with other lesbians. You’ll get to see all types of lesbians there. Usually, there are more butches than femmes. Some would offer you ree beer. Here’s an article about the launch of My Femme Magazine which can already be considered as an exclusive lesbian party.
  • Bars, Malls, etc. – There isn’t an exclusive lesbian bar anymore in Metro Manila. Before, there was La Dida in Malate but now we lesbians already share bars with the gays. The area within De La Salle University, College of St. Benilde and St. Scholastica’s College is a good place to see lesbians. There is a bar called Dematisse then a condiminium called Providence Tower. There is a videoke place at the ground second floor called Mama V’s which is open 24 hours a day and even on holidays.They’re not really exclusive lesbian places but since most lesbians hang out there (probably waiting for their girlfriends from nearby universities). Gateway is a mall in Quezon City where I see lesbians too.
  • LGBT Events – If you think that going to exclusive lesbian parties are too much for you and would prefer to have more social consciousness, then you can definitely go to LGBT events such as the Pride March. The Pride March in Manila usually happens during June and December. Aside from that, different lesbian groups organize discussion groups and forums that tackle different issues such as lesbian parenting, relationships, politics and many more.
Well, basically here are some of the places or events where you can surely find lesbians in Metro Manila. With the technology right now, information dissemination is very easy. Once you allow yourself to become a member of the LGBT online community, you will be able to know which events you can go to whether it’s a party or a serious discussion group.

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