Ways to Get Pregnant:The Lesbian Way

Before I blog about the lesbian parenting forum I attended weeks ago, I will blog first about the different ways on how to get pregnant: The Lesbian Way.
Well we already know the non-lesbian way, which I believe also is the ‘most desperate move’ a lesbian couple can make, and that is to have sex with a guy. But if you lesbians couldn’t take it, then there’s no need to worry because there are different ways of getting yourself pregnant without having to undergo having sex with a man. You will still need their sperm of course. Here are some of the ways to get pregnant:


Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)
It is also called “Intrauterine insemination (IUI)” and in this procedure, the important thing is that there should be a donor and the frozen sperm is washed. Now the reason the sperm should be washed first is because the woman’s uterus may react negatively due to the wastes from the sperm. Obviously, fresh sperm cannot be used. Also, the woman has to take fertility medications to promote the release of the eggs per cycle. Now this is a trial and error procedure which means that conception will not happen on the first time it’s done. Usually it takes 5-6 IUIs before it becomes successful. By the way, the success rate of conceiving a baby is 5-20%.
How much is it and where are the facilities for it?



In the United States, it costs around $300 and this includes the medications, check-ups, etc.. This does not include the sperm vials yet. Each sperm vial costs around $500 and each IUI session would require you to have 2 sperm vials. So the computation would be ($500x 2 sperm vials) $1000 x 6 cycles (sessions)= $6000 just for the sperm vials alone. According to the lawyer-lesbian couple, IUI can also be done in Singapore that is much cheaper. The problem is the authorities in Singapore require a marriage certificate and a sperm sample in exchange to what will be used (somewhat like a blood bank). Obviously IUI in Singapore is for heterosexual couples who are having the hard time to conceive a child.
In the Philippines, St. Luke’s Hospital in Quezon City and Victory Art Laboratory in Makati which offer the facility to conduct IUI. The problem in the Philippines is that sperm banks here are not really reliable (as blood banks also) because there aren’t thorough testing that’s being done. Most people would rely on acquiring sperms from people they know which would only result to more chaos. It is advisable to get an anonymous sperm donor to avoid any legal issues. The cost of doing IUI in the Philippines: Php 41,000 per cycle (around $870). The cost will depend if the woman will be injected with some injectibles and fertility medications too. If the woman wouldn’t need injectibles then the amount will be lowered to around Php 18,0000 ($400) and that’s including the fertility medications to be taken. It’s much cheaper but there is a risk sanitation-wise.

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)



In this procedure, the sperm and egg are combined in a small dish to form embryos and then it will be injected to the woman’s uterus. The babies produced in this kind of procedure are sometimes called ‘test tube babies’ because the formation of the embryo is done in a laboratory.How much is it?


In this procedure, the woman has to undergo fertility medications and minor surgery as well. Here in the Philippines, the medications alone will cost around Php 50,000.



Intracervical Insemination (ICI)



This procedure is almost the same with IUI except that the sperm is injected in the cervix instead in the uterus. There will be fertility medications that may be prescribed to the woman to initiate ovulation. The procedure is just short, usually takes about 10 minutes. Success rate is about 5%-20% per cycle.



How much is it?
This is much cheaper than IUI. In the United States, it costs around $200-$300 per cycle. I am just not sure how much it is here in the Philippines. The cost actually increases when sperm donor is needed.




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  1. Hi, looks like this is no longer updated? I inquired in St Luke’s and they are saying that 3rd party donor/surrogacy is not allowed in the Philippines. Do you have any other known hospital who can make pregnancy for a lesbian couple possible? Thanks!

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