Rustom Padilla is Dead, Here Comes BB Gandanghari

This was just show yesterday at a Philippine showbiz talk show, Startalk. Rustom Padilla unveiled his new name and image: Bebe Gandanghari. From what I know, this is for a tv series that will be shown soon. So basing it from the interview, I am not sure if this is a preparation for a role. I remember the concept of method acting like what Robert de Niro and Al Pacino do to study the roles that they will be portraying.

According to Bebe, she did not undergo any medical procedure and everything was done naturally. I know that people will already judge her as a weirdo. I’m actually reading some blogs which actually show a bit of bigotry about it. Well, what can I say for those uneducated people?

I salute you Bebe for coming out (again? 🙂 ) and not being ashamed of who you really are. I think that in this day and age, being hypocrites and tertainment, Transgender, BB Gandanghari, bigots are the biggest losers.

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