Reunited With My LGBT Crowd

It’s been a long time since I got to hang out with the LGBT crowd. Before, my girlfriend and I used to attend lesbian exclusive parties but I’ve realized that going there frequently doesn’t really matter because everything’s the same. It’s the same crowd and it’s the same type of parties. We got tired of that.

Just a week ago, a friend of ours wanted to hang out in Butterfly Bar in Quezon City. He hasn’t been there before so we decided to bring him there. Imagine, one gay guy and a lesbian couple. Three is a crowd but we’re all friends, so it’s ok.

Butterfly Bar has changed a lot. The last time I was there was in 2008, when my girlfriend and I were still friends then. Now, the walls are painted white. The newest addition here is the mini show from the resident gays, impersonating popular female singers. I was surprised with this. First performance was an impersonation of Nicole of Pussy Cat Dolls then the second one was probably the best, impersonating Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance”. She literally utilized the small space in the first floor including the bar. The video I took was their last performance. It’s good that they already had this before, Butterflly Bar was just a bar where LGBTs (and friends of LGBTs) in Metro Manila can drink. Glad it’s already fun, fun, fun!

After 3 rounds of beer at 2:30 am and “kawalan ng future” of our friend in the bar, we decided to call it a night. For me, it was my reunion with the LGBT crowd, which I really missed so much. Been surrounded with ‘straight’ people is ok but it’s still different when I’m with my type of crowd.

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