Rainbow Google


This is why I love Google because they always innovate. Try searching for a gay related keyword in Google and you will find a rainbow beside the search button. It’s Pride Month and Google is celebrating this with us. Have you tried it? 😀 

Some say that some searches related to gays don’t appear, well I tried searching Filipino LGBT terms for a male homosexual such as “bayot”, “bading”, “bakla” but the rainbow did not appear. This is also the same for the terms “tomboy” and “tibo”. I’ve also tried to add the keywords lesbian and gay so that it will only show results related to the gender terms but na-ah. It seems that it’s only for English terms but I tried searching for Harvey Milk (the first openly gay man to be elected in public office) and there’s no rainbow still. 🙁

I wish it’s there forever whenever someone searches an LGBT related keyword.

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