Proud to be Part of the Manila Pride March 2008

The Manila Pride March 2008 was held last December 6, 2008 in Malate. My girlfriend and I arrived at the Remedios Circle around 2:30 pm. We could already see the people preparing for this year’s march. The out and proud individuals of the LGBT Filipino Community were in their colorful costumes and banners. The rainbow colors can be seen everywhere. A group of protesters (anti-lgbt) were there also there to grace the event (Sorry, this is our time to shine! ;p).

(the anti-gay protester together with Ging Cristobal from Lesbian Advocates of the Philippines/LEAP )

(Metropolitan Community Church of the Philippines‘ response to the protesters)

My girlfriend and I marched with the rainbow bloggers and friends contingent. Actually there were only the 4 of us who are gay bloggers, then the remaining were bloggers who are not gay but are supporters of our advocacy (you know who you are! thanks for supporting 😉 ). The parade ended at J. Nakpil St. A stage was at the middle of the street and the program started by introducing the groups who partipated in the parade. 40 LGBT organizations participated in the event. Some of them were: Ang Ladlad, Gayon, Bed, Home for the Golden Gays, Metropolitan Community Church of the Philippines (MCC), One Bacardi, TLF, Rainbow Rights Project, Galang, UP Babaylan, Barangay Pinyahan (QC), Unitarian Universalist Church of the Philippines, Womyn Supporting Women Center (WSWC), Isis International, Lunduyan ng Sining, Team Pilipinas, Akbayan, Sanlakas, Amnesty International, UP Film Institute, Society of Transexuals Women of the Philippines (STRAP), Lesbian Advocates of the Philippines (LEAP)and many more.

We got tired after the parade so we decided to have dinner first. We ate at Casa Armas with the other bloggers who arrived. After dinner, my girlfriend and I headed back to Nakpil to witness Miss Queen Philippines. The transpinays were really beautiful and poised. A street party was held after Miss Queen Philippines. Everybody was dancing in the street and having a real good time.

What really made me happy was that I saw some of my LGBT friends whom I rarely see. The good thing about the Pride March is that it allows us to have a common ground. A ground where we can act without apprehensions. Being proud of one’s sexuality doesn’t end at the Pride March. It is just a big celebration of LGBT pride. I walk with pride of being a lesbian though I know that being one is a struggle here in the Philippines. I know that we’ll all get there soon. One step at a time.

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