Prof. Danton Remoto Appointed as one of the 2010 Senatoriables for the Opposition

reposted from Rainbow Bloggers:

GAY RIGHTS ADVOCATE, EDUCATOR, WRITER AND 2010 SENATORIAL CANDIDATE, PROF DANTON REMOTO’s phones began to ring in earnest yesterday, as they have done so in the last two weeks, when political operators and campaign teams would call him and ask if they could make appointments with Remoto. He set one appointment, with one major political party that belongs to the Opposition, and they have included Danton Remoto in the pool of senatorial candidates that their Executive Committee has to vet as its official 12 candidates for senator. Official announcements will be made later this month, and a formal oath-taking will follow. And so, the candidate that Comelec did not want to run in 2007, who was called a nuisance candidate, now belongs to a political party that will slug it out block by block, town by town, city by city, province by province, and region by region, in the great, grand battle of the May 2010 elections.

Let the games begin!

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