My views on Prop 8

The California Proposition 8 has been already out in the news and I guess you already know what happened, it was PASSED. 52.3% voted yes and 47.7% voted no. It was a close fight but we were not able to succeed. If you already know me personally, I am based here in the Manila and maybe you’re asking why I said WE were not able to succeed. I am saying WE because WE may belong to a different ethnicity, geographical location, etc…but WE are part of the global LGBT community. We may not have same sex marriages here in the Philippines but we are part of the community that is being discriminated by hypocrites.
I was watching the show “The View” yesterday and what really struck me is what Whoopi Goldberg said. It’s just an issue of semantics ( and that’s what I also believe ). These hypocrites only relate the word marriage as the sacrament and would like to claim ownership among “their kind”. They don’t want the word gay beside the word marriage probably because it insults the “holiness” of the word itself. Bottomline, just change the word “marriage” into UNION. The hypocrites want to own the word marriage so give it to them. In my own opinion, I would get married not because of its religious functions but because of practical reasons. I am concerned about have equal rights with my partner in some legal documents like owning a property ( conjugality ) or the right to claim my partner’s body if ever she dies ( I’m not wishing this to happen to my partner). It’s just the pragmatism of it so that we as members of the LGBT can work our way out also with these mostly heterosexual-made laws. This is far cry from happening here in the Philippines. I would like the Anti Discrimination Bill to be passed first before asking for same-sex unions.
Oppose Prop 8!

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