Mulat Pinoy Kapihan Sessions: Population and Gender

Mulat Pinoy

2 weeks ago, I attended a Coffee Session of Mulat Pinoy because I’ve been out of the lgbt circuit for quite some time and I’m eager to thirst my intellect with stuff outside my work. Thanks to Bubbles for sharing this in her Facebook. Anyway, the topic was about Population and Gender with speakers coming from different sectors (DSWD, UP Population Institution, LGBT groups and advocates and representatives from Feminist Groups as well). The LGBT representation is really evident, and the discussion revolved around the LGBT situation here in the Philippines.

Ms. Rina Jimenez-David pointed out that in our way of thinking that is being imposed on children is very heterocentric. I very much agree to this, the conservatism of the Department of Education seem to wary away the existence of LGBTs in Philippine society. Why is there fear? Why is there a perception of LGBTs being imposed on the child very negative? To prevent children in doing bad things, some adults would say “sige ka, ibibigay kita sa bakla”. This statement alone already has a pre-conceived notion that gays or LGBTs are monsters. Children who are socialized in this kind of homophobic statements, whether it was intentional or unintentional, can lead to hatred against LGBTs. Angie Umbac of Rainbow Rights and Ang Ladlad suggested that children today should have good role models. I assume that this “good role model” is not in the absolutely related to religion but role models who simply respect other people’s differences.

Dra. Zablan from the Population Institute stated with conviction that we should have a paradigm shift. I guess this is the ideal thing to do but in reality, it can’t happen overnight. Education is the key to gear up this shift that we need; the shift from heterocentric to gender-sensitive paradigms as well as prioritizing human rights. Theories and Ideals should’t only be kept inside our brains but also in practice. By continuing to question on the existing heterocentric paradigms, we will be able to achieve a gender sensitive way of thinking wherein no one will ever care on one’s sexuality but the his/her capacity. Suntok sa buwan ito, ika nga. But rather than spreading hatred on the LGBTs, spreading gender equality among ourselves would be a worthy thing to do.

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