Mocha Time is Sexy Lesbian Time!


It was just recently when I started browsing through Mocha Uson’s blog. Someone I know gave me the link of her blog and voila, my Mocha time started. I knew that she wrote for Maxim Philippines but I never knew that she still continued blogging.

Well, Mocha has been known for being open about her sexuality. Although there are some who have doubts (like I used to before) about her sexuality, I learned to be open-minded about it. I have a thing with bisexuals before, probably an influence of my ex-girlfriend. I usually hear my lesbian friends complaining about bisexuals because of their fickle-mindedness and used to think that bisexuality is related to sexual adventurism or plainly being a swinger. But with Mocha’s case, I think this is is the right label for her and not bisexuality. If all boils down to sexual arousal and not involving emotions with it, then I could say she is a sexual adventurist (or a swinger) than bisexual. Anyway, if she chooses to be called as such, well, I can’t do anything about it.

Her blog mostly tackles sex advices but most of the photos and videos of her are usually with women than men. It’s weird because if she is indeed bisexual, she should show photos or videos of her having intimate moments with men. Apparently, it’s only women-to-women action and I guess it’s a way to attract more men to her blog. Also, I noticed that she doesn’t have any ads (yet) on her blog (I don’t know if she has advertorials or paid blogposts somewhere). With the amount of traffic she has, she can monetize her blog if she wants to. Most definitely, she can’t use Google Adsense because of the content of her blog.

Sexual politics and labelling aside, Mocha Uson is H-O-T (period). As a lesbian like me, she’s one hell of a turn on especially when she performs onstage (mostly in San Miguel Beer events). Now is not the time to be hypocrite about it.  I appreciate her frankness and it’s very seldom that a Filipina like her would be open about her sexuality. I guess she has already become a bisexual icon in the Philippines! Are there others that I don’t know of? 😉

You may visit her blog (link is in my blog roll, side bar) but make sure that there are no kids around! Enjoy your Mocha time!

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