Live Blogging at the BB Gandanghari Blogger Meet Up at Mag:Net High Street

Bebe Gandanghari arrived at mag:net

I am the currently at the Bebe Gandanghari Blogger meet up at Mag:Net High Street. The event is sponsored by P.O.C (Philippine Online Chronicles). Bloggers get the chance to ask questions to her, no holds barred.

She arrived around 4:30 pm. The moment she entered Mag:Net, she stopped to pose for the cameras. Bebe was very warm and already thanked the people.

BB Gandanghari

Here are some of her quotable quotes:

Is Bebe Gandanghari a character that you play? (asked by Mark)
“it’s the character i discovered. i thought that it’s the character i wanna play.”

[I already rephrased it but I got her point 🙂 ] I think that God will not ask my why you love this person (pertaining to another man) but he will ask me HOW YOU LOVED HIM.

I also asked a question ” How do you feel being one of the LGBT icons here in the Philippines?”. She said that when she was still a gay man and been living in US, she was able to meet a gay organization in UCLA (where she studied Film). That’s when she was able to learn about the information on the LGBT community. She also realized that it was really hard especially for the adolescent kids on being out. Being an LGBT icon is a responsbility. This is for the LGBTs who feel alone and confused. I thanked her for being one of OUR LGBT icons here in the Philippines and can also empower change especially in the mainstream.

What are your plans for the 2010; your LGBT agenda? Do you plan to run? (asked by Mark)

“I am a believer of marriage. one day when i see my partner, i want to be married. 2010 is too soon to talk about it but that’s one agenda i wanna talk about in the future.”



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