GALANG Comics Storyboard Writing Contest


GALANG is sponsoring a comics storyboard writing contest. I think this is an interesting project from GALANG since it will promote positive images of Filipino lesbian women through creativity. You might be interested to join and you will get to win a cash prize plus you’ll get your work published.


1. Contest is open to all Filipinos (age 18 and above)

2. Target audience for the comics is Filipino lesbian women living in urban poor communities. All entries must be written in conversational Filipino

3. The objective of the contest is to develop a storyboard for a comic book that promotes positive images of Filipino lesbian women in view of the themes of equality and non-discrimination in Principle 2 of the Yogyakarta Principles.

4. The idea and the concept must be original and have never been published before.

5. Contestants must first submit a concept paper of no more than 500 words. Entries must be emailed as as MS Word attachment to lgbt [at] and galangnetwork [at]

6. Contestants must include the following information in the email:
– Name
– Birthday
– Residence Address
– Email address
– Landline
– Mobile number
– 25-word biography of the contestant

7. Only contestants whose concept papers are selected will be given a chance to submit a storyboard for the comic book. The storyboard must include detailed descriptions of the plot, characters, setting and as well as the dialogue in every panel. The length of the storyboard must be a maximum of 12 pages with an average of six panels per page.

8. Contestants are allowed to submit as many concept papers and or storyboards as they wish.

9. The winner of the contest will receive a cash prize of 10,000 pesos and a certificate of recognition. Her/his name will be included in the comic book.

10. This contest is sponsored by GALANG, an organization of lesbian women helping other lesbian women.

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