Flipping Through the Pages of Maxim’s Gay and Lesbian Issue

(photo from Maxim Philippines)
I just got a copy of the Maxim Philippines’ Gay and Lesbian Issue a few days ago with Mocha on the cover of it. Just finished reading the interesting articles and of course looking at the interesting pictures of it too 😉 . I believe this is the most daring mainstream magazine magazine that I’ve seen lately. A lot of provocative femme-to-femme poses from women who I believe who are just swingers (or bi-curious women) but not really femme lesbians per se. Oh well.

It’s obviously selling femme-to-femme action which is appealing to men (and lesbians) of course. Would you think that men would buy the magazine if there’s a butch-to-femme action? Nahh. Well, that is the nature of the magazine so I really wouldn’t expect much from them. There were lots of nipple exposures (there were a lot, literally). I admit that I enjoyed looking at some of the pictures there (and no I am not being a hypocrite about it) but I was also looking for some depth as what it claims to be: the ‘gay and lesbian issue’. There were some articles that at least tickled my brain (and at least some of the readers also) not just my libido.

There was an article entitled “Gays Night Out” which featured 5 out gays in the our society such as Boy Abunda, Danton Remoto (writer and activist), Puey Quiñones (fashion designer), Mojo Jojo (Magic 89.9 DJ) and Carlo Tadiar (a magazine editor). The discussion was lead by Boy Abunda and the night out happened at a VIP room in Classmate (in Quezon City). There were “GROs” and a stripper was hired to dance infront of them. In this article, I saw different perspectives of gays on certain things. Even though they all like men, they still have different opinions in relationships, sex, women, etc… Moral lesson of the article: In a room full of gays in it, a naked woman won’t really interest them. They’ll most likely befriend the girl but never to have sex with her.

On the other hand, there was an article about lesbians. They featured 4 butch looking lesbians. Unfortunately, they didn’t do a lesbians night out thing with a male stripper on it. Talk about equality. Haha. I could just imagine how these butches would react. I also hoped that they also featured femme lesbians (not just Mocha because it seemed that she’s not a femme lesbian). Femme lesbians are also called lipstick lesbians, who are not bisexuals by the way.

The two articles actually show one thing in common: that even though we are all part of the LGBT community, we still have different views and perspectives on certain things. This is probably the reason we are also having a hard time uniting as one. I am not saying that diversity is bad, actually, it’s better. Life would be boring and too mechanical if all of us are the same; there is no room for discussion and debate. Even in feminism, there are different kinds of it. In addition, I believe the questions that were asked from the participants were the questions that ‘straight’ individuals are curious to ask. It’s just like the ‘gay and lesbian life for dummies’. 🙂 I was able to relate to the lesbian article even though I am not butch.

They wanted to have an alternative magazine cover with BB Gandanghari on it but they didn’t push it through. I felt disappointed when I read their open letter to BB Gandanghari. And I quote from the open letter:

When the editorial staff brainstored for this Gay and Lesbian Issue, we seriously considered shooting you for an alternate cover, one that would be sold in newsstands alongside Mocha’s. Quite understandably, that idea was soon deemed too risky by management. We had to concede that a good percentage of MAXIM readers would probably not be too happy to see a whole issue dedicated to homosexuality, let alone see a transgendered person on the cover.

Besides you claim that you’re a woman and not gay was all the discouragement we needed..

Maxim seems to show ‘fluidity of sexuality’ in their magazines but it’s in the terms of having different sexual partners (whether male or female) but the fluidity in terms of gender and sexuality is still out of their vocabulary. A transgendered individual, by the way, is still part of the LGBT community. They are biologically male but they are not gay men. BB claims that she is a woman because she is a transgendered individual therefore she is still part of the LGBT community. Even though there are some members of the LGBT community who would still question transgenders and transexuals as part of the community, the bottomline is the “common people” who do not understand concepts of gender and sexuality would still label them as gays. Anyway, maybe I’ll just take it literally: it’s a GAY AND LESBIAN issue and they didn’t include TRANSGENDER in the title. Haha.
As mentioned, I appreciated the fact that MAXIM dared to release this kind of issue. It’s not that in depth but what the heck, the magazine only has a few pages with texts in it. Like I said, I didn’t expect the magazine to have full understanding of it but at least there was an attempt to show a gist of the gay and lesbian life. So congratulations, MAXIM was able to make heads turn because of this and more bucks of course. In summary, the magazine was ok. It’s more stimulating to the libido than to the brain.

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