Ellen de Generes: A Lesbian Icon Now an Endorser of Cover Girl Make Up

It was surprising that Ellen de Generes, one of the leading lesbian icons in popular American television, is now an endorser of Cover Girl make up. I think that this is a breakthrough in the field of advertising for me. Gone are the days when it is imperative (and expected) that supermodels and popular celebrities like Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer, Julia Roberts, etc.. should endorse ‘feminine products’. Ellen is the irony of being ‘feminine’ and she just outwitted everyone with the commercial.

How I wish that our Philippine advertising industry will do the same thing. Actually, it can start by being gender sensitive in some of the ads that are being made. Some ads imply homophobia like some ads that target ‘masculine’ market such as alcoholic beverages and many others. Since these ads are being shown in the tri-media spectrum (print, tv and radio), it only recreates the ‘natural’ existence of homophobia to the homophobics. The tri-media spectrum usually is being accessed by the popular mass crowd. As we all know, this is where most people learn things (and it’s much cheaper than going to school). And so, by making ads that are lgbt sensitive, it will help recreate the reality of the viewing public to understand people like us. I know it’s really a struggle right now especially when some of those individuals who have power are ignorant and it just sucks that they recreate the heteroculture of ignorance.

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