Die Beautiful

A couple of days ago, we watched Die Beautiful at Glorietta with our friend. To date, this is my favorite MMFF movie. I loved the character of Trisha (portrayed by Paolo Ballesteros) and Barbs (portrayed by Christian Bables), her bestfriend. The acting was very natural. I wasn’t surprised at all that they bagged the MMFF 2016 Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor respectively.

The movie has tackled a lot of issues that the LGBT are facing. One of which is the acceptance of the family. In this film, you can see that the father of Trisha (portrayed by Joel Torre) cannot accept her for who she is. Even at the end of the film, Trisha’s father would still choose to have her wore a barong and pants.

Another issue being tackled here is being an LGBT parent and being a child of an LGBT parent. In the film, we saw Trisha’s daughter being bullied by some of her classmates after they were asked to describe what their parents do for a living.

Die Beautiful is a must-see film. It needs to be seen by everyone so that they can understand the issues tackled here.

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