Close Up Lovapalooza Discriminates Same Sex Relationships

I for one experienced that myself.

My partner and I were given VIP tickets by someone from San Miguel Beer the night before the Lovapalooza (Valentine’s Party Friday night in Ortigas). Since Pupil, one of my favorite bands will be performing, my partner and I decided to attend the event even though we will be coming from Taytay, Rizal in the afternoon and number 2, there will be lots of people there. It’s free anyway, so we went for it.

We came from Taytay to attend a press event for the opening of an events place there. Most of our time was spent travelling. Imagine, we left Sta. Mesa at 11:30 am, arrived there at 2:00 pm then stayed there for about an hour, left Taytay at 3:00 pm. Since we were given gift baskets by the organizer of the event, we decided to bring it home to Sta. Mesa first because it will be such a hassle bringing those big baskets to SM Mall of Asia. So we left Sta. Mesa at 6:45 pm and arrived at MOA around 7:30 pm. We can hear Bamboo performing so we decided to eat inside the concert venue itself since there will be food booths there for sure. Since we already have the VIP tickets, we headed straight to the entrance. The entrances are divided into 2: for couples and for singles. Since we are really a couple, we lined up at the couples entrance. WE WERE DENIED OF ENTRY BECAUSE ACCORDING TO THE LADY GUARD, WE ARE NOT A COUPLE. I asked why and she said that “DAPAT BABAE AT LALAKE” (Couple should be man and woman). WOW! This is outright DISCRIMINATION. Because she denied us on entering the couples area premises, we entered at the singles entrance. I observed that the gay/lesbian couples are in the singles area. It’s like, WHAT the F*CK??!!! Also, the decent food booths were are the couples area and Mcdo was the only thing in the Singles area. We are already hungry and would want something like TGI Fridays or something like that. Only heterosexual couples were allowed to go in and out of the couples area toward the singles area but not vice versa. If a same sex couple decides to buy something from the other side, one of them would have to go there alone. We were so upset so we decided to ditch the event and go to UCC which was at the second floor of the mall. It has a better view because it has a video wall, we were seated comfortably and most of all NO ONE WAS DISCRIMINATING US.

It’s very clear that the organizers of this “exclusively heterosexual” event is explicitly denying OUR EXISTENCE as human beings who like “THEM” express romantic love to one another. I hope that they change this kind of practice because they are only spreading homophobia, bigotry and most of all IGNORANCE. Sometimes you can’t blame some LGBTs for being heterophobic as well because of this kind of discrimination. They should learn some basic MANNERS. LEARN TO RESPECT SO THAT YOU WILL ALSO BE RESPECTED.

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