Metro Manila Pride March 2015

Metro Manila Pride March

Happy Pride Pinoy LGBTs! Did you attend the Pride March earlier at the Lapu-Lapu Shrine? If you did, good for you and for those who didn’t, it’s ok. You may have various reasons why you didn’t attend.

Pride celebrations around the world is much sweeter now because US Supreme Court has decided to legalize same sex marriages across the US. Now where does that leave us Pinoy LGBTs? A lot of wishful thinkings are happening right now for us Filipinos. Are we able to have this kind of opportunity? To be honest, not right now. I believe that a predominantly Catholic country like ours will have a difficult time understanding and accepting that right now. Baby steps, my dear. Baby steps.

Metro Manila Pride March

First things first, we need to prioritize the anti-discrimination law. Recently, LGBTs are in the headlines in the Philippines because of few incidents on denying entry to our fellow transpinays in an elite bar in Taguig. There are still some incidents on companies denying employment of LGBTs just because of their sexual orientation. Things like these need to be addressed first. Headliners come and go but the struggles of Filipino LGBTs are there and real.

Now to my fellow LGBTs, let’s continue the fight. The fight doesn’t end during Pride Marches.

A Little Peak at the Pride March 2010

Pride March 2010-15

December 4th was a really busy day for me: working meeting with friends and fellow bloggers and then had to rush to Eastwood for a friend’s album launch. Good thing that Juned allowed us to have our working lunch meeting at Kozui, at least I can get to see the parade pass by. I wanted to join this year, hopefully next year! Continue reading “A Little Peak at the Pride March 2010”

Join The Manila Pride March 2010

Manila Pride March 2010

It’s Pride time once again in Manila on December 4, 2010. Be out and proud of being part of the Philippine LGBT community. I am excited to attend this event because I’ve been attending the Pride March in Malate, Manila. For this year, it will be held in Tomas Morato, Quezon City. See you all there!

2009 Manila Pride March

task force pride

It’s Pride time once more in Manila!

This year’s Pride March will happen on December 5, 2009 at 5 pm. Assembly time starts at 2:30 pm. Starting point will be in Remedios Circle, Malate. Parade route will be:
From Remedios Circle To Roxas Blvd
Right to Pedro Gil
Right to Taft Avenue
Right to Nakpil
Left to Orosa St.

Of course there will be a program to acknowledge the presence of different LGBT organizations in the Philippines in Orosa St. Malate. You may view last year’s Pride March here.

This is a great time to celebrate LGBT Pride and to meet other LGBTs as well. See you there!

For updates, please visit Task Force Pride’s blog.