Reunited With My LGBT Crowd

It’s been a long time since I got to hang out with the LGBT crowd. Before, my girlfriend and I used to attend lesbian exclusive parties but I’ve realized that going there frequently doesn’t really matter because everything’s the same. It’s the same crowd and it’s the same type of parties. We got tired of that.

Just a week ago, a friend of ours wanted to hang out in Butterfly Bar in Quezon City. He hasn’t been there before so we decided to bring him there. Imagine, one gay guy and a lesbian couple. Three is a crowd but we’re all friends, so it’s ok. Continue reading “Reunited With My LGBT Crowd”

Golden Gaytime in Melbourne!

Golden Gaytime

I was looking for something that would be associated to the LGBT community while I was in Melbourne last November. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find people and instead found this delicacy at the local grocery.

My colleagues in South Melbourne told me about this ice cream and recommended that I should try this Australian favorite. I thought that if I ate this, will I have a very golden gay time? Well I did because it was delicious 🙂 .

Close Up Lovapalooza Discriminates Same Sex Relationships

I for one experienced that myself.

My partner and I were given VIP tickets by someone from San Miguel Beer the night before the Lovapalooza (Valentine’s Party Friday night in Ortigas). Since Pupil, one of my favorite bands will be performing, my partner and I decided to attend the event even though we will be coming from Taytay, Rizal in the afternoon and number 2, there will be lots of people there. It’s free anyway, so we went for it. Continue reading “Close Up Lovapalooza Discriminates Same Sex Relationships”