Isn’t Divine of Pinoy Big Brother a Hottie?

Isn’t Divine a hottie?

I just recently started to watch Pinoy Big Brother Season 4 and this butch looking lesbian with tattoos in her arms caught my attention. This is Divine Maitland – Smith, a 20-year old British-Filipino lesbian from Cebu. PBB calls her the “Darling Dude of Cebu”. Sorry ladies, she’s already in a relationship. Now, look who’s stalking? :D.

Divine looks “astig” but she’s soft spoken. She reminds me of Shane from the L Word.

I do hope that Divine will change how people think of lesbians, not just the stereotypical one. The moment that she comes out of the “house”, she will have a power to change how Filipinos perceive lesbians.

View her profile here.

Ok, enough. Shh. I have to hide my hidden crush from her. 😀 *kilig*

*got the photo above from not sure where the original photo came from

Rainbow Radio Pilipinas on Valentine’s Day

Final Rainbow Radio Love Notes poster

Rainbow Radio Pilipinas will be opening the airwaves for listeners who will be sending their love letters and short but sweet shout outs on Valentine’s Day. All you have to do is to send an email to: rainbowradiopilipinas[at] on or before February 5 (Friday).

Rainbow Radio Pilipinas will choose the shout-outs and stories to be read on air. If your entry won’t be chosen, don’t fret because they will post the other stories on their website (with your permission of course). Continue reading “Rainbow Radio Pilipinas on Valentine’s Day”

GALANG Comics Storyboard Writing Contest


GALANG is sponsoring a comics storyboard writing contest. I think this is an interesting project from GALANG since it will promote positive images of Filipino lesbian women through creativity. You might be interested to join and you will get to win a cash prize plus you’ll get your work published. Continue reading “GALANG Comics Storyboard Writing Contest”

Dyke Dialogues: Lesbian Literature and Erotica


Now here’s an opportunity to know the discuss the issues and status quo of Philippine lesbian literature. Frankly, I am saddened on the status of lesbian literature here in the Philippines. Why? Because there are only a few lesbian resources that talk about lesbianism here in the Philippines. Most of the LGBT literature here are mostly centered on gays. I believe that this kind of forum should be attended by writers and even researchers to know where the weaknesses and strengths are. Too bad I can’t attend because I have to be in Australia on the scheduled date of the forum.

By the way, the Ishmael Bernal Gallery is at the back of UP Cine Adarna (Film Center). Everybody is welcome to attend whether lesbian or not.

Where to Find Lezzies in the City of Manila

Here’s a blogpost I wrote for Lezzy in the City:

Most of lesbian new-found friends would ask me “Where can I find lesbians in Manila?” . I know that it’s been a struggle for some lesbians to find for some lesbian love in the city that is why I decided to make this topic as my first blog post. Since I am based here in Manila, I would only be able to give you suggestions around Metro Manila so here goes:

  • Coffee Shops – This is a place where lesbians (and gays flock) during the day most especially in the late afternoon until evening. Some common places infested with lesbians are Starbucks Gateway (also called gayway by some), Starbucks Glorietta 4 and Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Gateway. I’ve always wondered why probably since coffee shops are already everywhere and the most convenient place to meet up and talk are those places. Well I have a theory in mind: probably the reason why lesbians hang out most of the time in coffee shops is because lesbians like to talk and get to know the woman they’re with more. There is a theory that biological females get attracted most if the other person target their emotions rather than trying to get them to bed. Well, in some cases probably is to at least talk to them a bit before getting laid. It’s just my theory, you can dispute it 🙂 Continue reading “Where to Find Lezzies in the City of Manila”

Lesbian Parenting in the Philippines

This has been a long overdue post because the Lesbian Parenting forum I attended was last April 18. Even though it’s already been a month, it still deserves a spot here in my blog because I believe that it is one of the issues some lesbians here in the Philippines face.

What makes a family? It is not just a biological concept anymore, in fact it has evolved into a social construct. We sometimes consider long time colleagues at work as our family. The rigidity of the family as a biological concept sometimes become the root of bigotry and homophobia. The common notion is that our biological family can do no harm on us; thus the saying goes “blood is thicker than water”. BUT, this is not always the case as there are biological family members of ours that abuse us and show insincerity in their actions towards us. All we need to do is to widen our minds in the concept of the family.

Lesbian Families in the Philippines. We may deny it or not but there are already lesbian families here in the Philippines. Whether they were planned (like undergoing artificial methods of pregnancy) or the woman had a child before engaging in a lesbian relationship. Whatever the grassroots were, it is already in our status quo. There are many issues that lesbian families in the Philippines face because primarily, we do not have a law that legitimizes lesbian partners taking custody of children in case something happens to the partner. Under the Philippine Family Code, a child that is born out of wedlock is considered illegitimate. Thus a lesbian couple’s child is illegitimate and has to be with the biological mother’s custody. We do not have same sex unions in the Philippines and so the problem arises when lesbian couples decide to have their own children. A lot of couples, who have the capacity to spend money, go to countries were same sex union and adoption is legal. But how about the lesbian couples who aren’t well off? They have to face whatever existing Philippine laws and work around it. It’s a good thing that we have lesbian lawyers that can give us suggestions on how we can make the existing laws beneficial for lesbian couples who currently have children and are still planning to have one. Continue reading “Lesbian Parenting in the Philippines”

Families of the Heart: Legal Protections for Lesbian Partners and their Children

Rainbow Rights Project, Inc. and the UP Film Institute

Supported by


Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice
are inviting you to attend:


“Families of the Heart: Legal Protections for Lesbian Partners and their Children”
a lecture-forum to be held on
April 18, Saturday, from 1-4PM, at the Bernal Gallery, UP Film Institute.


By popular request, this discussion will try to provide answers for lesbian couples seeking joint property rights and other legal protections, after having been deprived of the automatic privileges granted by marriage. We shall also try to cover parenting options for lesbian families. Here is an article, by the way, which can help you know ways on how to get pregnant the lesbian way.

Know where you stand under Philippine law, and learn about your alternatives.


*reposted from Angie.


Flipping Through the Pages of Maxim’s Gay and Lesbian Issue

(photo from Maxim Philippines)
I just got a copy of the Maxim Philippines’ Gay and Lesbian Issue a few days ago with Mocha on the cover of it. Just finished reading the interesting articles and of course looking at the interesting pictures of it too 😉 . I believe this is the most daring mainstream magazine magazine that I’ve seen lately. A lot of provocative femme-to-femme poses from women who I believe who are just swingers (or bi-curious women) but not really femme lesbians per se. Oh well.

It’s obviously selling femme-to-femme action which is appealing to men (and lesbians) of course. Would you think that men would buy the magazine if there’s a butch-to-femme action? Nahh. Well, that is the nature of the magazine so I really wouldn’t expect much from them. There were lots of nipple exposures (there were a lot, literally). I admit that I enjoyed looking at some of the pictures there (and no I am not being a hypocrite about it) but I was also looking for some depth as what it claims to be: the ‘gay and lesbian issue’. There were some articles that at least tickled my brain (and at least some of the readers also) not just my libido. Continue reading “Flipping Through the Pages of Maxim’s Gay and Lesbian Issue”

Valentine Event: Lunduyan ng Sining – Womyn Seranading Womyn

When: February 13, 2009
Where: Mag:Net Cafe Katipunan
Time: 9:00 pm

Lunduyan ng Sining’s Women Serenading Women
(Watch the best femme bands reinvent harana into herana)

This is also in celebration of the first anniversary of Lunduyan ng Sining’s lit folio,
What These Hands Can Do.

with performers:

Al Rio
Tao Aves
Flush and the Toilets

Mag:net Katipunan
Feb. 13 2009
9pm onwards

Donation is at P150 with free drink.

Lunduyan Ng Sining’s What These Hands Can Do contributors can come in for free.

Part of the proceeds will be donated to Tara Sentelices’ fund. Let’s help bring Tara home!

Please spread the love.

** from Lunduyan ng Sining’s multiply.

The Launch of the First Lesbian Magazine in the Philippines: My Femme Magazine

Cover of the Pilot Issue

A lot of lesbians, from different ages, kinds, shapes and sizes, gathered at the Sir William’s Hotel Functon Room in Timog Ave, Quezon City to celebrate the launch of the first lesbian magazine in the Philippines which is My Femme Magazine (MFM). My girlfriend and I were among the first people to be there and got ourselves free shots of tequila while waiting for the program to start. Entrance was free (but the drinks weren’t 😉 ) and the program started around 10:30 pm. It was actually like a normal exclusive party for lesbians, however there are some men who were there (I’m not just sure if they’re friends of the organizers or gays?). There were dance numbers, games and models. We got the chance to choose the next My Femme cover girl for the next issue by voting the models of our choice. Continue reading “The Launch of the First Lesbian Magazine in the Philippines: My Femme Magazine”