Ways to Get Pregnant:The Lesbian Way

Before I blog about the lesbian parenting forum I attended weeks ago, I will blog first about the different ways on how to get pregnant: The Lesbian Way.
Well we already know the non-lesbian way, which I believe also is the ‘most desperate move’ a lesbian couple can make, and that is to have sex with a guy. But if you lesbians couldn’t take it, then there’s no need to worry because there are different ways of getting yourself pregnant without having to undergo having sex with a man. You will still need their sperm of course. Here are some of the ways to get pregnant: Continue reading “Ways to Get Pregnant:The Lesbian Way”

Families of the Heart: Legal Protections for Lesbian Partners and their Children

Rainbow Rights Project, Inc. and the UP Film Institute

Supported by


Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice
are inviting you to attend:


“Families of the Heart: Legal Protections for Lesbian Partners and their Children”
a lecture-forum to be held on
April 18, Saturday, from 1-4PM, at the Bernal Gallery, UP Film Institute.


By popular request, this discussion will try to provide answers for lesbian couples seeking joint property rights and other legal protections, after having been deprived of the automatic privileges granted by marriage. We shall also try to cover parenting options for lesbian families. Here is an article, by the way, which can help you know ways on how to get pregnant the lesbian way.

Know where you stand under Philippine law, and learn about your alternatives.


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