Why Spread LGBT Hatred?

The fight is not over. We LGBTs all around the world, especially in the Philippines, definitely still needs an Anti-Discrimination Bill that will protect our rights. It is not enough that there is tolerance. It is not our “utang na loob” if you just tolerate our existence. It’s like being blind without really knowing why we are doing this.

Ang Ladlad partylist was denied to run as such because of immorality. The Commission on Elections allowed plunderers, corrupt individuals and liars to run.  Now where is justice there? Where is democracy? Why not let the people decide?

Even Jesus does not discriminate.

Below is a repost from a fellow LGBT advocate, Anne Lim of Galang:

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Transphobia in Pinoy Big Brother Double Up

rica paras

Whenever I have the time, I watch Pinoy Big Brother Double Up because of Rica Paras. It’s like whenever I watch PBB, I feel a certain connection with her because she’s one one us (LGBT) and it just felt so good to see someone like her in Philippine mass media. I always became curious on how her housemates will treat her when they knew that she’s a transgender. It’s a given, probably, because of the kind of society we have right now.

I don’t believe that there are issues of her being incapable of working in a team. In fact, she has shown her leadership in some of the tasks and putting her in a bad light because she is a transgender is very wrong. Continue reading “Transphobia in Pinoy Big Brother Double Up”

Comelec Rejects Ang Ladlad Because of Immorality

The COMELEC has become a religious insitution. COMELEC has rejected Ang Ladlad’s bid to earn a seat in Philippine Congress. On their resolution, it states that:

Despite the foregoing, however, this Petition is dismissible on moral grounds. Petitioner defines the Filipino Lesbian, Gay, Biseual and Transgender (LGBT) community, thus:

“xxx a marginalized and under-represented sector that is particularly disadvantaged because of their sexual orientation and gender identity.”

and proceeded to define sexual orientation as that which:

“xxx refer to a person’s capacity for profound emotional, affectional and sexual attraction to, and intimate and sexual relations with, individuals of a different gender, of the same gender or more than one gender.”.

This definition of the LGBT sector makes it crystal clear that petitioner tolerates immorality which offends religious beliefs.

And they used passages from the bible and Koran…

Now where is the separation of the church and the state?? Continue reading “Comelec Rejects Ang Ladlad Because of Immorality”

Another Transphobic Incident in Aruba Bar, This Time It’s BB Gandanghari

Just got information that Aruba Bar, still is discriminating transgenders/transexuals in their bar. BB Gandanghari, was refused of entry just a few hours ago (April 24th). She was there to watch a concert of her friend Rannie Raymundo. This same bar also denied Inday Garutay to enter the premises way back in 2006. Here is the copy of Inday Garutay’s complaint filed at the Pasig Regional Trial Court.

Their no-cross dressing policy is obviously discriminating the LGBT community. I understand that the bar has dress code rules. Cross dressing is far cry from the specific dress code rules. They can say they can’t allow this kind of clothing etc. Continue reading “Another Transphobic Incident in Aruba Bar, This Time It’s BB Gandanghari”

Close Up Lovapalooza Discriminates Same Sex Relationships

I for one experienced that myself.

My partner and I were given VIP tickets by someone from San Miguel Beer the night before the Lovapalooza (Valentine’s Party Friday night in Ortigas). Since Pupil, one of my favorite bands will be performing, my partner and I decided to attend the event even though we will be coming from Taytay, Rizal in the afternoon and number 2, there will be lots of people there. It’s free anyway, so we went for it. Continue reading “Close Up Lovapalooza Discriminates Same Sex Relationships”