Be Safe, LGBTs in the Philippines

HIV/AIDS. Diseases associated with Gays or MSM (Men who have Sex with Men). Many people, especially homophobics, think that gays spread HIV and AIDS. Most of us hear “bakla, salot”comments from homophobic individuals. FYI, it’s not only the gays who spread HIV/AIDS, but also heterosexual men who cannot avoid having sex with many women. Hindi lang mga bayot ang nagkaka-Aida.

Pupil in Obsidian - Rock Ed Safety Series Gig

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Do Lesbian Relationships Last Longer than Gay Relationships?

Just 3 weeks ago, I was in a gay party hosted by the Fabcasters. It was my first ever all-gay party I’ve ever attended in my life although I have been to parties with mixed lgbt crowd. This time, only 3 girls were there, one was Ruby (the admitted fag hag) and us, the only lesbian couple. I really appreciated the fact that a lot of the gays there approached us and had enjoyable conversations with them. Although most of us were already drunk because of Soju, the conversations were interesting. The most common theme that they asked us, as a lesbian couple was that “How do you make the  relationship stronger?”. When they learned that my girlfriend and I had been together for almost 3 years, a shocking reaction was anticipated by us. These gays would usually tell us that, it’s not really common among gay relationships to have relationships longer than a few months. I asked myself why, is it because of pre-determined biological explanations?

I would like to believe that it’s not only biological pre-determinations that define how one is behaving, no matter what their gender or sexual preference is. Although coming from the Sociological background, I would like to believe that there is a balance between the social and biological influences. Many say that gays are more inclined to lust than love. I don’t want to generalize here but this was some of the stereotypes I hear about gays. On the other hand, lesbians are biologically women and prioritize emotions rather than lust. So I was just wondering what if we let go of the stereotypes and just live and love as how we want to be? I just wonder.

Are Lesbians At Risk of Getting Cervical Cancer?

I recently attended a cervical cancer prevention bloggers event courtesy of Glaxo Smith Kline held at Melo’s Quezon City. Although this is a boring topic, because of its scientific terms and all, GSK was able to make the bloggers participate in their impromptu play. So while having dinner, the actors from PETA were doing their impromptu acting. It was a 50’s set up dinner wherein the actors and some bloggers were asked to wear 50’s attire. Of course, I didn’t effort to do that 🙂 but just went with the flow of the whole situation. The whole event focused on Jennifer, a married woman in the 50’s, who mysteriously died. Everybody in her family was a suspect when until they discovered that it was Cervical Cancer who killed Jennifer. During the 50’s, there was no preventive medicine yet for this disease and so Glaxo Smith Kline introduced their Cervical Cancer Vaccine which can be availed by Filipino women. This event made me thought of this: Cervical Cancer and Lesbians. Continue reading “Are Lesbians At Risk of Getting Cervical Cancer?”

Mulat Pinoy Kapihan Sessions: Population and Gender

Mulat Pinoy

2 weeks ago, I attended a Coffee Session of Mulat Pinoy because I’ve been out of the lgbt circuit for quite some time and I’m eager to thirst my intellect with stuff outside my work. Thanks to Bubbles for sharing this in her Facebook. Anyway, the topic was about Population and Gender with speakers coming from different sectors (DSWD, UP Population Institution, LGBT groups and advocates and representatives from Feminist Groups as well). The LGBT representation is really evident, and the discussion revolved around the LGBT situation here in the Philippines. Continue reading “Mulat Pinoy Kapihan Sessions: Population and Gender”

Who are the Gay Icons in Your Neighborhood?

Nahh, I won’t discuss who’s gay or not.

Gay icons are someone that gays look up to, whether they are really gay or not. Here are some individuals that are considered to be as gay icons here in the Philippines:

Ricky Reyes

Ricky Reyes – Icon for the “parloristang” bakla

He is the most successful gay who strived to make his salon chain successful. Before the F Salons, Index and the others, the most evident ones were Ricky Reyes’ salons. He also founded the Ricky Reyes Learning Institute wherein people who aspire to become a professional hairdresser can be formally educated. During the 90’s (and I believe until now), he has a television show called “Beauty School Plus” wherein the television viewers can learn how to put on make up and cut someone else’s hair. Continue reading “Who are the Gay Icons in Your Neighborhood?”

Vote Ang Ladlad Partylist: Shade # 89 In Your Ballots

I know that this song really sucks but I guess this is a catchy way for me to instruct how you’ll vote the partylist I am campaigning for.

Ang Ladlad Partylist has gone through the needle just to be part of the roster of partylists that can participate in the elections. If you may have heard or read in the news, Ang Ladlad has been constantly being denied by the Commission of Elections to participate for various reasons. The last attempt to reject Ang Ladlad (again) even used biblical quotations to justify their reason of not letting Ang Ladlad run. How odd is that when it is clearly stated in the Philippine Constitution that The Church and the State are separate entities? Anyway, they were not successful in their homophobic motives because the Supreme Court already issued a Temporary Restraining Order stopping the Commission on Elections of disqualifying the partylist. Continue reading “Vote Ang Ladlad Partylist: Shade # 89 In Your Ballots”

Reunited With My LGBT Crowd

It’s been a long time since I got to hang out with the LGBT crowd. Before, my girlfriend and I used to attend lesbian exclusive parties but I’ve realized that going there frequently doesn’t really matter because everything’s the same. It’s the same crowd and it’s the same type of parties. We got tired of that.

Just a week ago, a friend of ours wanted to hang out in Butterfly Bar in Quezon City. He hasn’t been there before so we decided to bring him there. Imagine, one gay guy and a lesbian couple. Three is a crowd but we’re all friends, so it’s ok. Continue reading “Reunited With My LGBT Crowd”

Additional Public Toilets for LGBTs?


I stumbled upon this article from GMA News Tv about having additional public toilets exclusively for the use of LGBTs. Leo Martinez’s party list group, Alyansa ng Media at Showbiz Inc, pushes that gays and lesbians should have their own toilets with labels “gay male” and “gay female” on it because they experience discrimination whenever they use the usual male and female toilets. Continue reading “Additional Public Toilets for LGBTs?”