Are Lesbians At Risk of Getting Cervical Cancer?

I recently attended a cervical cancer prevention bloggers event courtesy of Glaxo Smith Kline held at Melo’s Quezon City. Although this is a boring topic, because of its scientific terms and all, GSK was able to make the bloggers participate in their impromptu play. So while having dinner, the actors from PETA were doing their impromptu acting. It was a 50’s set up dinner wherein the actors and some bloggers were asked to wear 50’s attire. Of course, I didn’t effort to do that 🙂 but just went with the flow of the whole situation. The whole event focused on Jennifer, a married woman in the 50’s, who mysteriously died. Everybody in her family was a suspect when until they discovered that it was Cervical Cancer who killed Jennifer. During the 50’s, there was no preventive medicine yet for this disease and so Glaxo Smith Kline introduced their Cervical Cancer Vaccine which can be availed by Filipino women. This event made me thought of this: Cervical Cancer and Lesbians.

Question, are lesbians at risk for this killer disease?

Historically, it was a popular notion that Cervical Cancer can be transmitted through heterosexual sex. I guess this is because scientists then were heterocentric and never realized that women can also fuck other women. I am confirming that YES, LESBIANS are at risk for this disease even though you do not have sex with men. Even though I am not a scientist or a doctor, the thought that your partner or ex partner might have sex with men in the past, already is a reason for you to have the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) too. So even doing “digital” sex (fingering) or oral sex, whether with a man or a woman, a lesbian (er woman) can get this.

Basically, women who have sex with different partners have higher risks of getting this disease. It really doesn’t matter what your sexual orientation is. This is not only transmitted through sexual contact, but also through skin-to-skin contact. The symptoms are not that evident at first, sometimes it takes years before the HPV is fully developed.

Cervical Cancer is the second most common killer among women. There is an estimate of 12 women in the Philippines who die everyday due to Cervical Cancer and an estimate of 510,000 new cases globally every year according to the World Health Organization.

The good thing is that Cervical Cancer can be prevented and this is by using condoms, smoking avoidance, eating nutritious food and by undergoing the vaccination. Glaxo Smith and Kline (GSK) already has a cheaper cervical cancer prevention vaccination which only costs around Php 7,000. Just go to your OB-GYN to ask for this. I better get myself vaccinated before it’s too late.

If you want to read up on this, maybe a simple brochure from ILGA on Breast Cancer and Cervical Cancer can help you. To know the scientific stuff on cervical cancer, visit this page.

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