Another Transphobic Incident in Aruba Bar, This Time It’s BB Gandanghari

Just got information that Aruba Bar, still is discriminating transgenders/transexuals in their bar. BB Gandanghari, was refused of entry just a few hours ago (April 24th). She was there to watch a concert of her friend Rannie Raymundo. This same bar also denied Inday Garutay to enter the premises way back in 2006. Here is the copy of Inday Garutay’s complaint filed at the Pasig Regional Trial Court.

Their no-cross dressing policy is obviously discriminating the LGBT community. I understand that the bar has dress code rules. Cross dressing is far cry from the specific dress code rules. They can say they can’t allow this kind of clothing etc.

Aruba lets women who wear clothes that have very low necklines (almost revealing their boobs), thong slip-ons (which are technically slippers but with heels) and men who wear tight jeans almost bulging their balls. Why do they let them enter the premises? Because they wore gender-matched clothing not because of their strict dress code policy.

It is really time for the Anti-Discrimination Bill to be passed because we need to be protected from these kinds of discriminatory practices. We are not asking to have special rights, we just want to be treated as an ordinary citizen who has the capacity to spend a peso. We are not asking for same-sex marriages by pushing the Anti-Discrimination Law. A lot of law-makers make hasty generalizations that all the LGBT in the Philippines will be asking for same-sex marriages. YOU ARE DEFINITELY WRONG. I personally believe that this won’t happen in the near future. With how Filipinos treat the LGBT? Nahh, no way. Well, I respect the people who want that but I think that the most immediate thing to do is to pass the Anti Discrimination Bill. Yes, we already have the UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS but in our context here in the Philippines, it seems that we need a separate law that will protect specifically the LGBTs because a lot of people violate the prior.

I just hope that they will be taught a lesson. Boycott Aruba Bar!

Click here to read BB Gandanghari’s blog about it.

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