Ang Bekimon (Baklang Jejemon)

BEKIMON ay noun : isang BAKLA, LALAKING BAKLA o BABAENG BAKLA na HARDCORE gumamit ng GAY LINGO sa usapan at kahit sarili n’ya ay hindi rin n’ya maintindihan minsan.

This was coined by Bern Josep Persia.

(This video with subtitles can be found here.)

I actually found this in Facebook and got intrigued by this when an FB friend of mine shared the Bekimon Facebook page. Funny how the term Jejemon has now evolved into this new term that can also become an internet sensation and even transcend to popular culture sensation.

Kalurkey. Nalurkey akey nang nasightsung ko ang videobels ni Bekimon. (Naloka ako nang nakita ko ang mga videos ni Bekimon). Imagine your mom scolding you in Bekimon language. I was trying to decipher the meaning without the subtitles and good thing I can still understand! Been used to hearing gay lingo with my orgmates in Babaylan really helped but sad thing is I can’t really ispluk straight. Haha. Hope that Bern can still create more videos like this, it’s really helps lighten up the mood. 🙂

Getchikola mes? (Na-gets mo ba? / Did you get it? ) 😀

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