A Little Peak at the Pride March 2010

Pride March 2010-15

December 4th was a really busy day for me: working meeting with friends and fellow bloggers and then had to rush to Eastwood for a friend’s album launch. Good thing that Juned allowed us to have our working lunch meeting at Kozui, at least I can get to see the parade pass by. I wanted to join this year, hopefully next year!

Pride March 2010-5

The Pride March is the opportunity for me to see old LGBT friends from college. I’m glad to have seen some of them. According to the the organizers, this has the biggest number of attendees. Well actually, I prefer to have the Pride March in Tomas Morato. Not just because it’s near my place but because the Tomas Morato is more spacious. Although I wish that establishments around the area would join the celebration by having Pride Day promos or something like that.

Other photos of the Pride March here

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