Filipino LGBT Youth Suicide Risks

Another relevant and informative topic will be presented by the Rainbow Rights Projects and the UP Film Institute. The 6th leg of Dyke Dialogues and Rainbow Exchange Series will be tackling about the study by Eric Manalastas from the Department of Psychology in UP Diliman.

The sympo-forum will be held at the Videotheque, 2nd floor Ishmael Bernal Gallery, UP Diliman on June 20, 2009.

I will be expecting to learn a lot from Mr. Manalastas. It was unfortunate that I wasn’t able to be his student back in college but I believe that I was able to ‘sit-in’ during one of his classes. 🙂

Live with Pride: LGBT Jewelry from the Out of D Closet Store

I am on the look out for Pride jewelry/LGBT jewelry here in Manila and unfortunately it’s not readily available in your nearest accessory or jewelry shop. Good thing someone from Out of D Closet Store in Multiply added me as a contact.

I liked some of the designs there and will be ordering some of them for myself. Here are some of the designs that I like (the photos are linked to the Multiply site):

You have the option to have it delivered at your convenience (with extra charge of course) or probably have a meet up with the seller. Payments can be made through GCash, BPI deposit and Paypal.

If you know anyone who sells Pride jewelry, feel free to suggest them here. I’d like to get one for myself and my partner too 🙂

Where to Find Lezzies in the City of Manila

Here’s a blogpost I wrote for Lezzy in the City:

Most of lesbian new-found friends would ask me “Where can I find lesbians in Manila?” . I know that it’s been a struggle for some lesbians to find for some lesbian love in the city that is why I decided to make this topic as my first blog post. Since I am based here in Manila, I would only be able to give you suggestions around Metro Manila so here goes:

  • Coffee Shops – This is a place where lesbians (and gays flock) during the day most especially in the late afternoon until evening. Some common places infested with lesbians are Starbucks Gateway (also called gayway by some), Starbucks Glorietta 4 and Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Gateway. I’ve always wondered why probably since coffee shops are already everywhere and the most convenient place to meet up and talk are those places. Well I have a theory in mind: probably the reason why lesbians hang out most of the time in coffee shops is because lesbians like to talk and get to know the woman they’re with more. There is a theory that biological females get attracted most if the other person target their emotions rather than trying to get them to bed. Well, in some cases probably is to at least talk to them a bit before getting laid. It’s just my theory, you can dispute it 🙂 Continue reading “Where to Find Lezzies in the City of Manila”