Close Up Lovapalooza Discriminates Same Sex Relationships

I for one experienced that myself.

My partner and I were given VIP tickets by someone from San Miguel Beer the night before the Lovapalooza (Valentine’s Party Friday night in Ortigas). Since Pupil, one of my favorite bands will be performing, my partner and I decided to attend the event even though we will be coming from Taytay, Rizal in the afternoon and number 2, there will be lots of people there. It’s free anyway, so we went for it. Continue reading “Close Up Lovapalooza Discriminates Same Sex Relationships”

Jay: Showing at SM Cinemas

Cinemalaya Best Picture and Asian Hotshots winner for Best Feature – Jay is currently being shown in SM Cinemas. According to the Facebook event, the movie will be shown until March 4. By the way, they have a promo too. If your name is Jay, you can watch the movie for free. You just need to present your valid ID.

The film stars Baron Geisler (as Jay Santiago), and Coco Martin (as Edward Navarro). The film is directed by Francis Pasion.

“Jay” is about the gay schoolteacher that was brutally murdered in a sex-crime. TV producer, then, convinces the family to shoot Jay’s wake and funeral for a reality show. You can read more about its synopsis in their website:

The title of the film reminds me of the song “Hey Jay” by Eraserheads. I’m not really sure though if the title of the film was somehow inspired by this song.

Valentine Event: Lunduyan ng Sining – Womyn Seranading Womyn

When: February 13, 2009
Where: Mag:Net Cafe Katipunan
Time: 9:00 pm

Lunduyan ng Sining’s Women Serenading Women
(Watch the best femme bands reinvent harana into herana)

This is also in celebration of the first anniversary of Lunduyan ng Sining’s lit folio,
What These Hands Can Do.

with performers:

Al Rio
Tao Aves
Flush and the Toilets

Mag:net Katipunan
Feb. 13 2009
9pm onwards

Donation is at P150 with free drink.

Lunduyan Ng Sining’s What These Hands Can Do contributors can come in for free.

Part of the proceeds will be donated to Tara Sentelices’ fund. Let’s help bring Tara home!

Please spread the love.

** from Lunduyan ng Sining’s multiply.

Patolas’ (Mga Pumapatol) Theme Song for Gays???

patambay saint rapper – saint rapper

Have you heard this song? Well, it’s sounds “Salbakuta-ish” (the Pinoy hip-hop group who sang ‘Stupid Love’). When you first listen to it, it sounds funny but when you dig deeper on the lyrics it is very discriminating against our ‘sisterettes’ in the LGBT community.

Below are the lyrics and I highlighted the lyrics that seemed offensive for me. Basically, the message that it conveys to its readers (or listeners) is gays are scapegoats for men who are dissatisfied with their women-lovers (and vice-versa: lesbians are scapegoats for women who are dissatisfied with their men-lovers). I think that kind of thinking is very shallow. Would you think that gays and lesbians are desperate? Well, I know there are but it’s not only limited to us (duhh). I would usually hear from my straight women friends this: “Kapag hindi na ako nakahanap ng lalakeng magmamahal sa akin, baka pumatol na ako sa tomboy” ( If I don’t get a man who will love me, I would probably go for lesbians). I would always say, “Ano kami, parang consolation prize na lang?” (Do you think we [lesbians] are just scapegoats?). Continue reading “Patolas’ (Mga Pumapatol) Theme Song for Gays???”