Manila Pride March Miss Queen Philippines Interview Portion

The question and answer portion always excite me whenever I watch beauty contests. Well probably this is a test whether the contestant has brains and not just beauty. Here are the 5 finalists answers to the question and answer portion of Miss Queen Philippines during the Manila Pride March last December 6. I apologize, the first contestant is not included in the videos. 🙂

Finalist Number 2: Ms. Jea Marie Francisco Continue reading “Manila Pride March Miss Queen Philippines Interview Portion”

UP Babaylan at the UP Centennial Lantern Parade

It has been a tradition of UP Babaylan to participate in the UP Lantern Parade. This year is very different since it is the centennial year of the university, UP Babaylan showed how fabulous and important this organization is in the university.

The theme was all white. I didn’t join the parade anymore since I didn’t have all white clothes hehe so I just enjoyed watching them from AS Steps.

Congratulations to UP Babaylan especially those who really prepared for this event. Watching them makes me really proud of being part of that organization.

Proud to be Part of the Manila Pride March 2008

The Manila Pride March 2008 was held last December 6, 2008 in Malate. My girlfriend and I arrived at the Remedios Circle around 2:30 pm. We could already see the people preparing for this year’s march. The out and proud individuals of the LGBT Filipino Community were in their colorful costumes and banners. The rainbow colors can be seen everywhere. A group of protesters (anti-lgbt) were there also there to grace the event (Sorry, this is our time to shine! ;p). Continue reading “Proud to be Part of the Manila Pride March 2008”

Butch to butch, femme to femme, butch to femme: is it really an issue?

In the heterosexual sense, there is such thing called gender roles. It is assigned to each individual and the individual is expected to act on the assigned role for example being masculine and feminine. Gender roles are there, because according to some people, it places things “in order”. When gender roles are not followed, then there is chaos, i.e. confusion.

In the LGBT circle, most especially in the lesbian circle ( because that’s where I belong), there are still gender roles. Most people I meet would always ask me “So, who’s the playing the feminine or masculine role between the 2 of you?”. Well, I always had a butch girlfriend (whether hardcore butch or soft butch) not because I want to have portray specific gender roles but because it happened as it is. But with that question being asked to me, I would usually say “I am the more feminine because I tend to dress girly sometimes”. Continue reading “Butch to butch, femme to femme, butch to femme: is it really an issue?”